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kidsfunmail.comEvery Kids Fun Mail pack is themed for the current holiday or season and contains a hand written, personalized letter or card and a surprise – maybe stickers, a craft or some other fun goodie. Each pack is age appropriate. 

Every Kids Fun Mail pack contains a Birthday Bonus the child’s birthday month!

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Letter Pack     $9.95 per month

Letter packs are perfect for kids of all ages. Each month the child receives a hand written letter from one of our fun, monthly characters, along with a cool surprise like a small trinket, fun craft, stickers, or a little something extra. Each letter pack is decorated and themed for the holiday or season.

kidsfunmail.comPen Pal Pack     $12.95 per month

www.kidsfunmail.comPen pals are so much fun! The Pen Pal Pack encourages the child to write us back – helping them develop and hone fundamental skills in reading and writing.

We’ll assign one Fun Mail Specialist to be the child’s pen pal and engage them in an ongoing dialog in letter form. The letters are themed from our Pen Pal characters:  Daisy – for girls,  Dustin – for boys. Each Pen Pal Pack includes a hand written, personalized letter from Daisy or Dustin along with a surprise trinket, stickers, craft, or other fun goodie.   

Grab Pack     $19.95 per month

Kids love our Grab Packs! Decorated and themed for the season or holiday, it’s surprise fun with every mailing. Grab Packs are a super size version of our Letter Packs. Each contains a hand written, personalized letter or card from our character of the month, along with some fun “grab bag” type surprises like trinkets, crafts, stickers, or other extra special goodies. Each Grab Pack is decorated and themed for the holiday or season.


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