4 Important Benefits of Pen Pals for Kids

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There are so many benefits of kids having a pen pal is hard to choose just a few. Below are 4 of the most important.

1. Helps kids develop and practice their writing skills. With technology and computers taking over, kids rarely get the chance to actually write anymore. Plus, they’ll be motivated to practice this skill when sending an engaging letter to a pen pal.

2. Makes kids feel special and builds confidence. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail is a treat for everyone, but it is especially exciting for a child who normally doesn’t receive mail. Knowing someone out there took the time to personally write a letter and send it just for them makes a kid feel important.

3. Helps kids learn new things. As parents, we are great at teaching our kids, but having them communicate with someone outside our direct circle exposes them to new things; things we may not realize our kids are curious about. One of the benefits of using a pen pal program like Kids Fun Mail is knowing the new things our kids are being exposed to are safe and age appropriate.

4. Teaches kids patience. In our world of technology, everything focuses on being fast, including communication. With things like email, texting and instant messaging, kids are taught instant gratification instead of “good things come to those who wait”.  It takes time to write out a letter, mail it and wait for a response. The process builds anticipation and teaches much needed patience.

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