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Make a kid feel special, send them some fun!

Everyone gets excited when a hand written, decorated letter or package comes in the mail. You know something special is waiting inside, something personal, just for you.

Imagine a child’s delight when something special comes addressed to them! They’ll rip open their cool Kids Fun Mail pack to reveal a personalized letter or card from one of our fun monthly characters and some special goodies, hand picked for them. They’ll love it, guaranteed.

Kids Fun Mail makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or just because!

Each monthly Kids Fun Mail pack…

  • contains a hand written personalized letter or card from our character of the month
  • contains a surprise like a small trinket, fun craft, stickers, or something else special 
  • is designed to be age appropriate for the recipient
  • is decorated and themed for the month or season
  • is mailed out the first week the month
  • contains special birthday surprises the month of the child’s birthday

Our characters of the month add fun and excitement to each mailing. The child will love hearing from characters like Willow Winter, Lucky Leprechaun, Sally Spring, Molly May, Henry Harvest, and others!

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